Schools Education Programme 2019

This historic house has delivered formal learning opportunities for schools since 1997.

We provide:

  • An award-winning, cross-curricular heritage education programme for schools
  • Professional facilitators with a diverse set of skills and knowledge
  • An immersive learning environment to spark pupils’ imagination
  • 500 years of history from the Dissolution of Barking Abbey, in 1539, to the present day
  • A safe environment for pupils
  • Souvenirs, refreshments and catering on request (at an additional cost)

Download our School's Education Programme here

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Sample workshops

Eastbury supports teachers in delivering the National Curriculum for primary, secondary and SEND pupils. We use Eastbury’s historic rooms and gardens, and unique history to inspire curiosity through a range of hands-on and engaging learning opportunities. We offer full-day sessions from:

9.45am to 2.15pm
Times can be adjusted, if required

The sessions are led by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators who help to build upon pupils’ knowledge with an interactive approach.

Our facilitators make learning fun for all ages and abilities. Our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of Early Years and Special Educational Needs and Disability teaching.


Our home, Your home

Since the time when it was built, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Eastbury has played an important role in local history.

During this session pupils will:

  • Discover how family life in this Tudor building differs from pupils’ own
  • Explore the house and gardens
  • Handle replica objects and take part in role play
  • Use costume to find out about Tudor clothes
  • Explore Tudor toys and pastimes

Curriculum links:

  • Early Years Understanding the World and People and Communities
  • KS1 Significant Historical Events, and People and Places in their own Locality
  • KS1 Events beyond Living Memory (significant nationally and globally)

Tudor Kings and Queens

Learn about the lives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and their reigns impacted on people’s lives.

During this session pupils will:

  • Use images and objects to explore the lives of the Tudor royalty
  • Find out about the differences between rich and poor, and then and now
  • Play with Tudor toys, handle replica objects and find out about Elizabethan foods
  • Take part in role play by learning to defend the  house

Curriculum links:

  • KS1 The lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements
  • KS1 Significant Historical Events (people and places in their own locality). For example: present  day, and Tudor and Elizabethan times
  • KS2 A Local History Study (beyond 1066)

The Gunpowder Plot

Discover the rumours linking the leaseholder, John Moore, with the Gunpowder Plotters, and find out about the religious divide in England.

During this session pupils will:

  • Learn about John Moore’s links to the plotters and the Tresham family
  • Take part in ‘plotters and spies’ activity to code and decode messages and understand the meaning of Lord Monteagle’s letter
  • Make a plotters’ hat and spies' lantern
  • Play the ‘Protestant and Catholic’ floor game to learn about religious persecution
  • Take part in role play to create a tableaux of the events using costumes and props

History curriculum links:

  • KS2 A Local History Study (beyond 1066)
  • KS2 The Lives of Significant Individuals in the Past (national and international), for instance Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605

Down with the Abbey

Before the Dissolution in 1536, Barking had one of the largest and wealthiest Abbeys in Britain, influencing life both locally and nationally.

During this session pupils will:

  • Use archaeological ‘dig’ boxes and maps  to explore the importance of the site
  • Take part in role play to explore how life changed locally
  • Make a 3D interpretation of the Tudor landscape around Eastbury

Curriculum links:

  • KS2 A Local History Study (beyond 1066)
  • KS2 A Study of an Aspect or Theme of British History (beyond 1066)

Book Your School Visit

For further information about the content
of sessions please contact:

Mark Watson, Interpretation and Outreach Officer or 020 8227 5242

To book a workshop for KS1/2 please contact:

Amanda Wray, Heritage Learning Coordinator or 020 8227 5293


Full-day workshop

LBBD schools:  £6.00 per child

Other schools:  £8.50 per child


We require five working days notice of cancellation. Please contact us if you require clarification or further information.



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