Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath

Eastbury usually holds Christmas wreath-making workshops every year during the festive season, using sustainably-sourced materials inspired by our gardens. This year while we are closed, we wanted to bring you a virtual tutorial to make your own festive wreath! 

Materials you will need

To begin, you will need some tools and decorations:

- Secateurs

- Narrow Ribbon – for hanging

- Wide ribbon – for the bow

- Florist wire

- Bells

- Baubles

- Scissors

- Cinnamon sticks

Foliage you can use

You will also need foliage – this can be anything green from your garden or what has fallen in your local park.

These greens work well:

- Rosemary

- Holly

- Cotoneaster (red berries)

- Oak

- Yew

- Leylandii

- Lavender-cotton

- Hazel - to make the hoop

- Ivy – to make the hoop

Create the hoop

The loop on the left is made with ivy, the one on the right, with hazel.

 To create the hoop use ivy or hazel.

Twist a long piece of your chosen hoop material into a circle that is around the size of a dinner plate.

Build the hoop up by using additional long pieces and twisting them around the original circle so that it stays together.

Make sure the ivy/hazel is not too thick to prevent breakages.

When you add in extra pieces start at the opposite end to the last section to ensure that the hoop remains balanced.

Start building the foliage base

Lay a section of greenery on top of the hoop and attach with florist wire, tightly wrapping the foliage to the hoop.

Continue adding foliage

Continue to build up the hoop with different types of greenery, using a range of different colours and textures, until the whole of the hoop is covered.

Use gloves if necessary and secateurs to trim the foliage.

Start adding your decorations

Use florist wire to attach the pinecone and baubles to the wreath.

Wrap a small bundle of cinnamon sticks together along with a bell and tie this onto the wreath.

The ends of the florist wire are sharp so try to push them into the hoop.

Finish with a bow!

Tie a big bow out of wide ribbon and wire with a bell in the centre of it onto the wreath.

Decide what orientation you prefer for the wreath and cut a long piece of thin ribbon (around 60cm).

Tie the ends of the ribbon in a knot and loop around the top of the wreath at the 12 o’clock position.

Hang up and enjoy

Hang up your wreath and enjoy!

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